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Information Systems

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Information Systems

The Information System Division also known as “IS” is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and control of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office technology infrastructure which consists of sophisticated hardware and software systems.

The Office has a Wide Area Network encompassing multiple buildings with approximately 65 servers, 213 desktops, 244 laptops, 171 printers and a vast array of other technology devices. Department wide, the IS Division handles approximately 5,900 helpdesk tickets a year.

A dedicated and well qualified team of individuals supports the technology using state of the art methods and tools. The Sheriff’s Office IS Division strives to provide the best support possible to allow Law Enforcement personnel and supporting staff to operate most effectively and efficiently to serve the needs of our community.

Computer Services

CJUS — The Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center operates a self-developed computer system for inmate and jail management. The system is called CJUS, the acronym for Criminal Justice. CJUS is a SQL Server application, which links the courts (Sessions and Criminal), District Attorney, Public Defender, Grand Jury, Work House, and the Hamilton County Jail together.

Mugshot System — The Hamilton County Jail utilizes a digital mugshot system. The system imports the personal demographics of each subject from the CJUS Computer System and combines it with the photograph to create the Booking Card. Photographs are taken of scars, marks, and tattoos as well as the typical front and side shots. Photographic line-ups are created for law enforcement agencies using the stored images.

Fingerprint System - All subjects are fingerprinted using our Live-Scan fingerprinting system. This allows for the creation of a fingerprint card and also electronically submits fingerprint records to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) use.

Online Booking - Daily Booking Reports are now available for public view on our website. These reports include all individuals 18 and older who are booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

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