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On August 28, 2006 The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office were notified of a body being found by hunters in the 12900 block of Eldridge Road in Birchwood Tennessee. Investigation by the Detectives and the Medical Examiners Office, reveal the manner of death to be a Homicide. Detectives are asking for any information that may lead to the identity of the remains, and victim information is as follows:


Case Number:06-025230
Age:Approximately 40-55
Height:510 to 6'0"
Weight:160 to 200 lbs
Case Status: Unsolved

Clothing found on the body may reveal some identity to investigators, as possibly being seen or known by family members or friends of the victim. The clothing description is as follows:

  • Arizona brand Blue Jeans with a 34 inch waist.
  • Gray Colored Shirt with a Tom and Jerry cartoon logo ( EASILY AMUSED )
  • White Tennis Shoes
  • Unknown color Head Bandana

The victim had some additional physical characteristics which could help identify him as well, they are as follows:

  • Possible surgical scar on the right elbow
  • Two screws in the right elbow
  • Compressed disc in the lower back which may have caused back problems
  • No upper teeth

Anyone having information about a missing person that matches this information can contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office dispatch at 423 622-0022, or the Criminal Investigation Division at 423 209-8940.

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