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On September 9, 1985, a couple riding along Leggett Road on Sale Creek Mountain in Rhea County, Tennessee, discovered the body of Susan Gail Goode. Her remains were left clothed, lying face down in leaves about 60 feet from the road.

Susan Goode

Susan Goode
Case Number:85-012443
Case Status: Unsolved

Forensic Anthropologist Dr. William Bass at the University of Tennessee concluded Susan was likely killed by numerous stab wounds to the neck and chest. Additionally, he determined she had been seven months pregnant at the time of her death.

Investigators don't know much about Susan's life. At the time of her death she had been drifting with friends between her hometown of Knoxville and Lithonia, Georgia. Susan and her husband of two years were separated. He reported last seeing her at the end of August 1985 when she came to visit him in Knoxville. She borrowed $20 and promised not to ask him for anything else.

Detectives found credible witnesses who confirmed Susan arrived in Chattanooga by Greyhound bus at 1:10am on Sunday, September 1, 1985. She reportedly spent several hours in the bus station, trying to find someone who would give her a ride around town to find a friend but no one could tell detectives when she left, who she might have been with, or where she was going.

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