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August 1997, when 61-year old Omar Ahmad Duwaik called police in New Jersey to report his wife Mona, the mother of his five children, was missing. The Duwaiks had come to New Jersey from the Middle East and detectives learned they filed for divorce in Jordan. Shortly after Omar Ahmed Duwaik reported Mona missing, he remarried.

On January 22, 1998, police found the scattered remains of a woman on Old Hunter Road. She had been beaten to death. Investigators spent the next few years combing missing person databases. In March 2003, they located a recently submitted report from Morristown, New Jersey. The 35-year old woman detailed in the report was the same weight, height and age as the unidentified remains found on Old Hunter Road. Dental records confirmed the match.

Mona Duwaik

Mona Duwaik
Case Number:98-002039
Case Status: Unsolved

Anyone having information about a missing person that matches this information can contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office dispatch at 423 622-0022, or the Criminal Investigation Division at 423 209-8940.

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