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HCSO Offers Tips for Black Friday Shopping Safety


Hamilton County, TN – As we are all well aware, the Nation’s most anticipated shopping day of the year is quickly approaching. In light of this event, the HCSO would like to offer the following tips to help make sure your “Black Friday” shopping experience is enjoyable and safe for you, your family, and your friends.

Remember, during the upcoming Holidays, especially Black Friday, thousands of people will converge on our local shopping venues. It is important to protect yourself from unnecessary thefts and safety incidents.

Driving Precautions

• For those who will be driving to various shopping venues, especially those who will begin shopping in the early hours of the night, please do not drive intoxicated.

• Drive safely and be prepared for traffic delays, especially in and around areas where shopping malls are located.

• Do not run red-lights at storefront intersections and remain vigilant at pedestrian crosswalks.

Parking Lot Precautions

• Always lock your vehicle (even while parked at home).

• Try to shop with a friend or family member especially when shopping late at night or the early morning hours.

• Hold your child’s hand and keep them controlled in the parking lot.

• Check the back seat of your car before getting into your vehicle.

• Have your keys in your hand when approaching your vehicle.

• For vehicles without tinted windows, always keep high value packages in your trunk.

• Never leave your packages such as TV’s or appliances exposed in your vehicle or the bed of your truck.

Shopping Precautions

• Try to shop online whenever possible to try to avoid large waits and congested stores.

• Avoid being the recipient of a SCAM - Always know who you are giving money to and avoid online shopping on websites you may not be familiar with. Use sites like PayPal whenever possible.

• Women who are going to be shopping should avoid large and bulky purses.

• Remember to be courteous to other shoppers and do not become confrontational. If you have an issue, please contact store security or contact your local law enforcement agency.

• Be constantly aware of your surroundings. If you suspect suspicious activity, get your family to safety and report any and all suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

• Keep an eye on your children at all times. Stores can be chaotic and children can get lost quickly.

• Keep copies of your online receipts and all in-store receipts.

• Always double check each time you use your wallet, credit card, or check book to ensure it is secure after purchases.

This year as we approach the holidays, remember to be a good neighbor and be courteous to others. The holiday season can be stressful and treating others with respect can help ensure everyone has a safe and blessed holiday season.

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