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HCSO Co-Hosts 2024 Verizon Frontline Public Safety Roadshow


Hamilton County, TN – This morning, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, along with our colleagues in the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management, were pleased to co-host the 2024 Verizon Frontline Public Safety Roadshow in Collegedale. Today’s event featured the numerous services provided by Verizon Wireless’ Frontline Team in conjunction with their Crisis Response Team.

Today’s Roadshow offered a unique opportunity for public safety and law enforcement personnel from throughout our region to meet with Verizon Wireless personnel, along with their key partners such as Pelsue, Cradlepoint, Inseego, CSG, Motorola, Panorama, Connect, Gridless, and UAS Technologies to see firsthand what new public safety technology is available and how it can make a difference in emergency communications and operations.

One of today’s largest exhibits included the Hamilton County Unmanned Aerial Systems Team’s Flight Operations & Command Vehicle implemented in 2022. The Hamilton County Unmanned Aerial Systems Team, comprised of personnel from the HCSO and the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management (HCEMA), is the only regional response unit with the unique capabilities necessary to respond to a variety of incidents and emergencies including search and rescue efforts, crime scene mapping, natural disasters, and other public safety related operations.

In 2016, the HCSO was the first law enforcement agency in our region to begin dedicated drone operations with FAA certified ground pilots. Since then, our combined HCSO and HCEMA Program has gained national attention and recognition from a variety of national publications including articles in Police One Magazine and Government Technology Magazine.

“Since its implementation in 2016, the Hamilton County UAS Team has proven to be an invaluable asset assisting law enforcement and search and rescue efforts throughout our community and our region. Part of my vision as sheriff for this agency is the continued use of technology to make our operations more efficient. This joint program represents a significant investment in our county’s ability to respond quickly to a variety of incidents and threats. This is especially important in search and rescue operations where every second counts. Our UAS Team continues to push the boundaries of traditional drone operations in the field of public safety and this effort represents yet another way the HCSO is Leading the Way. When the call for help comes, whether it’s local or beyond, we are coming,” stated Sheriff Austin Garrett.

Thank you to all the vendors and public safety agencies who participated in today’s event.

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