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Court Security

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Court Security

The Court Security Division is under the direction of Captain Spencer Daniels. This division is responsible for the security of all court rooms at the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Courts Building as well as the security of the building. This security is constantly being reviewed and evaluated and the necessary changes implemented. Some of these security measures are plainly visible to the public, but most are not.

Security in the Courts

The tight security begins long before the inmate ever enters the building. The inmate leaves the jail in shackles and is escorted through a secure route by a member of the corrections staff. Once inside the Courts Building, the inmate is placed into a holding cell and waits for his/her court appearance. No weapons are permitted in the building unless carried by a commissioned officer, and no weapons are permitted by anyone in the holding cell area of the Courts Building or in the jail.

The inmate will remain in shackles at all times when not in a holding cell or in the jail, except when going to trial before a jury. In this case, the inmate is relieved of the shackles and given a chance to change clothes and sits alongside his/her lawyer. During this procedure, the inmate is closely watched by deputies inside the court room and always escorted by an officer.

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