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HCSO Involved in Pursuit on McCahill Road – Suspects Arrested


Hamilton County, TN - On March 6, 2023, at approximately 12:50 am, a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy observed two male parties get into a silver Mercedes near the 1100 block of Mountain Creek Road. The vehicle did not appear to have a license plate and the temporary tag was in poor, faded condition. The deputy attempted a traffic stop and the suspect vehicle slowed down for a brief moment before accelerating at a high rate of speed.

The deputy pursued the vehicle as it proceeded north on Mountain Creek Road. The suspect vehicle then turned onto McCahill Road where it cut through a driveway and down several more roads before entering Dayton Boulevard.

Once the vehicle turned on to Dayton Boulevard, the Deputy observed sparks coming from one of the vehicle’s tires and its speed was decreasing. The vehicle eventually came to a stop in the middle of the road.

The occupants failed to obey verbal commands, removed from the vehicle, and taken into custody. A total of three occupants were in the vehicle and they were later identified as Lucas Delvalle (Driver), Julius Delvalle (Passenger), and Crystal Phillips (Passenger).

When removing the occupants from the vehicle, a large cloud of green powder filled the air. The green powder was all over the occupant's clothes and when deputies asked what the substance was, one of the passengers stated it was Fentanyl.

Deputies immediately took proper safety precautions, called for EMS to check all occupants and they were eventually cleared on scene.

A thorough search of the vehicle could not be completed due to the amount of powder covering the interior. It was found in the driver’s seat, on the front dash of the vehicle, but mostly in the front passenger floorboard where the passenger, Julius Delvalle was sitting.

Deputies observed a gas station coffee cup standing right side up in the front passenger floorboard. The cup had a lid on it and on top of the lid was a clump of what is suspected to be Fentanyl. Deputies were also able to secure a container that had approximately 1.5 grams of suspected Fentanyl inside. Deputies also secured possible narcotic related pills that are believed to be pressed Fentanyl.

All three occupants of the vehicle were found to have warrants out of Hamilton County. They were transported to the Hamilton County Jail and booked on their existing warrants and original charges.

The vehicle was towed to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Impound Lot in order to safely search the vehicle.

This incident remains under investigation and no further details are available at this time.

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